Jersey City Mural Festival

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In the summer 2021 the city of Jersey City, New Jersey held a mural festival. Inviting artists near and far to paint the outsides of buildings and bridge columns in various structures with the public invited to watch the production and secondly to see it as a public art exhibition. Some of the well known artists that painted were Ron English, Dasic Fernandez, Queen Andrea, Crash, Bike, Beau Stanton, Elle, Jason Naylor, L'Amour Supreme, Woes Martin, Riiisa Boogie and Soho Renaissance Factory. 

In this book are photographs of the artists at work, artists portraits, public bistros, the murals and an artists index that includes each artists instagram name. All said more than 70 artists painted during the festival and the photographs in this book bring you inside the festival as if you were there. The book is truly a collector item for the street art collectors and enthusiasts.