Molotow 4MM Marker

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One4All the name stands for versatility and the most innovative, revolutionary paint system in the world. This highly pigmented, solvent-free hybrid paint covers nearly every indoor or outdoor surface.
Molotow One4All paint is UV-resistant and highly lightfast, great for outdoor use. The refillable markers feature Molotow's patented Flowmaster pump-valve that ensures a continuous ink flow for quick application.
Note Although these markers may be used on outdoor surfaces, the Metallic Marker and Neon Fluorescent Marker paint may not be permanent when combined with water or waterbased paints and may smear or run. Test these markers for suitability on your substrate before use. Do not mix Metallic and Neon colors with other Molotow non-metallic and non-neon shades, as this will diminish their special effects.