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VOLUME 4: 84 pages, 100% painted trains, article about Jeris (Italian writer) & Hope IMAGES: Poland - Denmark - Portugal - Spain - Austria

VOLUME 6: 90 pages, 100% painted trains                                                                                        IMAGES: Italy - Belgium - Holland

VOLUME 5: 156 pages, 10 years of spotting painted trains

Chiara started seeing and taking pictures of European train graffiti in 2009. Soon she had piles of pictures stocked in her phone she decided to share them inside a Tumblr page(graffiti porn). Named Spraytrains and started uploading them daily.

Chiara simply loved to check if trains had something written/painted on, while going to university in the morning.

Now things have changed, she's become more aware of what and the context of which she captures the trains.

The thrill of running to chase a panel is still the same one she has had from day one!