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  • Achieve tiny lines with spray paint.
  • Easy to hold for left- and right-handed users.
  • Built-in 40ml / 1.35fl.oz. reservoir.
  • Comes with nail to enlarge stencil hole.
  • Aceton resistant.
  • Opens at the bottom for cleaning.

Instead of having no place to go other than dripping down the can, like with most DIY stencil caps, the TINYPINK STENCIL CAP makes sure that only the paint you want on the wall gets there, in a clean tiny line. The excess paint is captured in a 50ml/1.69fl.oz. reservoir. Keep an eye on it, it tends to overflow when you forget about it.

The whole clicks onto the protruding edge just underneath the “donut”. Keeping the TINYPINK from sliding up or down, the polygonic design creates hard edges, giving your fingers something to hook onto for a firm grip. Special thought went into making it appropriate for both right and left handed users.

While the grip is able to keep the TINYPINK in its place while you’re using it, it is not too tight. It is easy to detach so you can fit it onto another can, allowing for swift and easy switching between colors. They’re made from high-quality plastics, allowing them to last a long time with proper maintenance. (Clean the hole once in a while.)

It’s acetone resistant. After usage, dump them in a bucket of acetone for an hour, afterwards you let it air dry in a ventilated area. Once dry, you can scrape the paint flakes away with a used toothbrush or anything similar.. Take care of your TINYPINK and it can last a long time. We only recommend using acetone for cleaning.

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