Collection: NICEO-CM

Niceo CM from the Upper West Side of New York City has been writing graffiti since 1977. He was introduced to graffiti through his older brothers Slick OTB and Snatch TNT. Because he was the little brother, he went everywhere they went. When his brothers painted burners on the subway, he waited in the car and practiced writing his name. It wasn't long until he was painting on his own and over 40 years later he haven't stopped. 

His style is versatile. However, his signature style is a straight letter style. This was inspired by New York writers Lee, Seen, and Zephyr. Straight letters are his favorite style and his go to when bombing the streets and subway tunnels because it's legible and easy to recognize. When painting on a freight, he uses a wild style or burner style. His style really depends on the situation. One of the reasons he has lasted this long is because of his constant evolving skills.

From 1977 to 2021, a lot has changed in graffiti but he remains true to his roots. Whether he's designing apparel for Ralph Lauren or Bushcamp, making stickers or posters, creating canvases or pins, graff always comes first. He'll write graffiti until the day he dies. Niceo CM Criminal Minded YNN HowCru 2DVD NBV Zulu Nation LoLifes.